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India – General information

The following report will summarize my life and studying between the 22nd July and the 20th of December in 2006 in Chennai/India.
Together with André Gunia, Mara Drochner and Judith von Heusinger (HS Bremen) I went to the South-East of India to study for one semester at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras in the capital of Tamil Nadu, Chennai.

Decision taking

To answer the question why I decided to go to India is easy.
For me it was the first time that I got the chance to go away for half a year with plenty of support in advance.
So I wanted to take the possibility to leave Europe and to get new impressions not only from another country but also from another continent and a foreign culture. Besides, I wanted to get to know an absolutely different way of living, a new frame of behaviour and also new people from all over the world.
Moreover, my experiences from a three-month stay in Norway – where everyday life is very lonely – made me want to live the exact opposite.


After I had decided for India I found out that three of my fellow class mates were coming too. Together we searched for information about India and especially the IIT and Chennai.
Chennai has about 5,6 million inhabitants (4th biggest city in India) and is located in the south-east of India – it is the capital of the state Tamil Nadu and has a huge coast to the Bay of Bengal.
The university is located in South of Chennai. The campus is a huge area where nature still seems to be untouched and pure. When we arrived we feld like in a jungle. Ther are different gates to enter the campus and within there are just a few roads with plenty of plants, trees and a small hidden river. A big statue – The Elephants – make up the center of the campus. Nearby two girls hostels were built. The Sharavati Hostel was my “home place” for more than five months.

Extracted from the “my stay in India” report by Lisa! See the full report here.
Lisa is a lovely german girl that I met in india, and we had a great time with all the indian IIT team… :-)

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  1. I too studied in India. I actually completed the whole eighth grade there with a correspondence course. I cannot say enough about what a great experience I had there. Also, I was introduced to Ashram living which has taught me so much about life and my spirituality.

  2. Thats certainly food for thought, where can I get more information on this?

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